Wizards of Lua

The Art of Spell Crafting

Welcome to the Home of the Wizards of Lua

The Wizards of Lua are a community of programmers and their friends who want to spread the knowledge of programming to kids. The Wizards of Lua are also some decent gamers who want to give gamers and artists the ability to create their own interactive game contents.

And of course, “Wizards of Lua” is the name of a Minecraft modification that gives players the power to casts spells written in Lua. Read more about the features of the Wizards of Lua mod.

Join Us on our Public Server!

We invite you to join our public server at mc.wizards-of-lua.net:30300 to see some Lua spells in action.

We are Always Looking for Beta Testers!

If you are interested to help us with Beta tests, just tell us on our Discord channel, so that we can invite you to our beta servers.